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-Softcore Electro- -Softcore Electro-

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

quite nice song.

Those mario sounds at 0:40 are quite funny but also a bit annoying though (but that does not mean you have to delete them!)

The song has a good structure and beat. overall well done!

Maybe the mastering could be a bit better. try not to push the highs too muchs. all headphone users will be greatfull for this! ;) also you have some unnecessary bass in the deep lows. i recomend you to cut the bass at 30hz that will make your drum a bit cleaner.

keep it up! :)

matrickz responds:

Thank you for your feedback MarZeL!

I definitely will practice my mastering for my next track, especially with the high ends for the headphone users, and the unnecessary bass in the deep lows.

And I will keep it up, hopefully my next track will be more improved and polished than this one!